I’ve just finished watching a web broadcast and, I have to say, business television really lacks imagination. Technology allows us to reach a disparate audience cost-effectively so it makes perfect sense to use a web broadcast or web TV to communicate with clients and your staff but – maybe because it’s so cost-effective – people often seem to forget about making it interesting too! What is the point of publishing a message if no one is listening? Think about the television you watch every day – it’s colourful, it’s humorous, it’s topical, it’s passionate, it’s aggressive, it’s nail biting – most of all, it’s entertaining or we wouldn’t watch it! So why not get these ingredients into our webcasting experiences? The presenter needs to cut out the fat and keep the meat. The content focus should be steered away from your company’s agenda and back to what your audience is thinking; “what’s in it for me?”. Webcasting can be so much more than just a face talking to a screen.  We should really be exploring new ways to engage our audiences – just like they do on Strictly, the X-Factor, Question Time or Test the Nation. Engaging your audience collaboratively has to be the way forward in the webcasting arena. Remember, it’s all about dialogue not monologue! Author: Simon King-Cline